Vests: “Cat Harnesses”

OK, so we have voted unanimously that we love vests very much. But, you have to get used to them. And you have to get the right kind. We only recommend the “escape proof” cat harness because it has a large vest with soft breathable air mesh fabric and velcro closures around the neck and chest.

We suggest to start wearing them alone at home at bedtime. Studies have shown that vests like these are a cure for cat and dog anxiety. So, if it chills you out to the point that you just wanna fall over, relax. Take a nap, then get up when you’re ready. After you start running around with it on, get yourself a leash and take your owner for a walk. And make sure they know that you are walking them. But, it is the best feeling ever. Trust us.

Review by:
Cuddlebug, Cat Executive Officer
Picasso, Chief Feline Officer