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Becoming a Family

Meow, I’m CuddleBug (top of the page) and she’s Picasso (above). You may wonder how two cats like us ended up living in a Palm Beach Penthouse with beautiful waterfront views and all the finest fresh fish we can eat? Well, life wasn’t always this easy. We first met at Peggy Adams. Both orphans with Palm Beach Dreams, we were fast friends.

One day this cute little human with a blonde pixie haircut came in to visit us. We cuddled and purred all day until we all decided to become a family.


The Art of the Cuddle

She named me CuddleBug because I like to cuddle, am always calm and love to keep the peace. She loved Picasso’s fur and paws that reminded her of abstract art and thus came the name.

We’re so very happy and grateful for our opportunities. Palm Beach is just purrfection. So now, we want to share our Palm Beach Lifestyle with kitties and their humans everywhere.


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